Specialized Education Services

Our services


Career Counselling

Aiding students in building future educational or career paths. We typically help students evaluate their abilities and interests, overcome challenges and obstacles, and develop necessary skills when they try to find their desire program of study.

University Admission Support

work for an institution of higher education to recruit and communicate with new students from a variety of venues and we also are responsible for connecting with students - universities and follow-up to the university admission process and give all information that can be needed about studying.

Visa Processing

Giving all information related to obtaining a visa, as well as helping to complete the visa application, providing the optimal option and avoiding errors which can maximize the student’s chances of getting accepted from the visa officer.


Training the applicants to pass personal interviews, whether it’s preparing for university admission or embassy when applying for student visa.

Pre-departure briefing

We provide students with full pre departure services before leaving to a new country. Our experts provide full inputs which help in migration, ravelling and settling in a new destination with some critical included but not limited to: • Student life in foreign countries. • How to deal with home sickness. • Adaptability to new culture. • How to deal with any crisis and know how to handling it

Travel arrangements + Airport pick up

We help students book their flights to their destination of study, well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts if available and also provide the university, on the other hand, with student’s arrival notification well in advance.

The company promise

we promise to take care of you , to make your travel safe, fast and on time.