about global


  • AGES, Alpha for Global Educational Services, is an educational consultancy company in the first place. It was founded in 2012. We have contributed to the training and education of the student through many courses and training grants. These courses and grants still exist to serve the students aspiring to build a better future by raising personal or practical competencies that help the individual find practical solutions towards a better future.
  • We have been working with universities and education organizations abroad since the date of establishment, which dates back more than ten years. Throughout these years, more than 5,000 students have been trained and helped more than 500 students to enroll to study abroad.
  • Today, AGES represents more than 150 universities, colleges, international language institutes, educational organizations (public, private, and non-profit) in more than 30 countries.
our vision


At AGES, we believe in the importance of knowledge before making a decision, especially if it is related to building the future from a scientific and academic point of view. We also provide all the necessary means for awareness to help in decision-making, and that the first responsibility that falls on our shoulders is to help the student explore the different aspects that help them determine their future destination.

At AGES, we strive to be a leading organization in the areas of teaching and learning, advancing the knowledge base through research and scholarship, and leadership in service and outreach. Moreover, it will be the leading organization in Egypt in preparing professionals who are characterized by leadership and sensory intelligence with the ideal relevance to improving the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.

our mission


AGES is a unique educational platform that aims and serves students who are motivated to obtain innovative quality education. It also works on deepening and expanding knowledge about the formation and use of human capabilities by providing a meeting point between students, first-class teachers and international universities with a high level of education.