Frequently Asked Question

1What guarantees getting accepted in the university?

AGES works closely with the Education providers’ admission officers in order to guarantee the students’ acceptancy, however the Education provider is the one who decides whether to accept or not accept the students’ application.

2 How will accommodation be provided?

Some education providers do offer student housing and some only offer through external providers thus each and every student is responsible to make sure accommodation is booked prior their departure to their destination, but in the meantime the Education provider and AGES can always support students during the booking process.

3Will there be airport pick-up?

In most cases you can request either from the university or AGES to airport pick up, however and in most cases AGES doesn’t offer any airport pick and then you should arrange for it at least 7 days prior your departure date.

4 In case of problems, who shall I go to for help?

It depends on the problem; however you are always welcome to contact us either by phone at +201204444082 or by sending us an email to

5 In case of visa rejection, can I get back my tuition fees?

Normally when your visa application got rejected, you’re admissible for a refund so please refer to the contract you sign between you and the university.

6 What guarantees the credibility of your company?

AGES is a registered as an LLC in Egypt and FZCO in Dubai UAE. Plus, it has an international accreditation from ICEF. In addition to that AGES represent a very prestigious Universities and colleges across more than 25 countries.

7 Can I change/transfer from university to another when I arrive to my desired country?

In theory, you can do that, but it depends on your motivation and credits earned. In AGES we take each transfer request on a case-by-case bases.

8 Does enrollment in a university postpone enrollment in the army?

Generally, yes it does please but check with the government related body for more information.

9 Does studying abroad require any language certificates?

It depends on which country, university and language of study you are applying for.

10 Have you helped any previous students travel?

Yes in AGES we have helped over 300 students to travel and achieve their future dreams.

11 Are there any scholarships that you can offer?

We don’t directly offer scholarships yet, however our partner university provide our students with Scholarships and financial support on a case-by-case bases.

12 Does the university provide job opportunities for international students?

Each university has its own student support and career services/ centers where they can support international students to either find internships or par time jobs.

13 Will you provide me with the visa?

Only embassies of the relevant university’s country can issue student visas, however in AGES we can always support our students.