ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC)

ICEF offers unrivalled global programme of online and in-person networking events, support for education agents and market intelligence services, moreover they also facilitate outstanding international student experiences. For past 30 years, ICEF succeeded in bringing together education institutions, carefully choosing student recruitment agents and providers of other services for the international education industry with the simple aim of improving international student mobility .

AGES is also an ICEF and IATC-accredited agent. They are reputable international organizations, well-known in the field of international education, and AGES is invited to many international conferences organized by these organizations to give information and statistics on the Egyptian market.

Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education is a britsh magazine specialized in reporting on news and issues related to Higher Education also one of thier specialization is ranknig of universities around the world

Education Export Center

Education Export Center is open for cooperation with leading information agencies and mass media. The Center's activities are always on news agenda of international education. We carry on a regular work both with universities and leading international education consultants creating a lot of actual news opportunities. We are aimed at providing regular public information regarding our activities. We are happy to develop effective partnership with mass media to the benefit of international education