We are in cooperation with and represent internationally accredited universities. We also oversee the quality and accreditation of training programs.


We are an organization which strive to hold and participate in international education fairs annually. These fairs give the chance to students to obtain competent responses to their inquiries through face-to-face interaction with universities.


We are the official representative of over 150 universities throughout over 30 countries. We also strive to build new network of partners every passing day.


We are accredited by ICEF and Times Higher Education. We are also certified by some of the most prestigeous universities in the world.

What We Offer

Creating effective opportunities for the provision of widely recognized competencies and leadership in the improvement and development by helping students and companies to find the best solutions and new opportunities all over the world with our services.

Our Service

Career Counselling

Aiding students in building future educational or career paths. We typically help students evaluate their abilities and interests, overcome challenges and obstacles, and develop necessary skills when they try to find their desire program of study.

University Admission support

Work for an institution of higher education to recruit and communicate with new students from a variety of venues and we also are responsible for connecting with students - universities and follow-up to the university admission process and give all information that can be needed about studying.

Visa Processing

Giving all information related to obtaining a visa, as well as helping to complete the visa application, providing the optimal option and avoiding errors which can maximize the student’s chances of getting accepted from the visa officer.


Training the applicants to pass personal interviews, whether it’s preparing for university admission or embassy when applying for student visa.

Pre-departure briefing

We provide students with full pre departure services before leaving to a new country. Our experts provide full inputs which help in migration, travelling and settling in a new destination

Travel arrangements + Airport pick up

We help students book their flights to their destination of study, well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts if available and also provide the university, on the other hand, with student’s arrival notification well in advance.

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How to Apply

Approach to one of our counselors

Investigate your study major and destination

Fill in our application form and submit your documents

Receive and confirm university offer letter

Apply for study visa

Attend our Pre-departure briefing

Prepare yourself for travel

Arrive safely

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